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In order to optimize the performance of our systems over time, we offer the opportunity to benefit from a well-structured maintenance service. This service is highly customizable according to the customer’s needs and the equipment features.
M.H.S. has the know-how to provide maintenance services also for the equipment and systems that haven’t been manufactured in-house.

Why maintenance?
All technology systems are subject to wear processes, caused by external agents and the operating conditions. Throughout the operating life of a system, damage can occur that can only be detected at an advanced stage. The M.H.S. maintenance service is able to prevent component wear, by managing all the critical maintenance issues successfully.

Maintenance service offer and advantages

We supply the following services:

  • Scheduled preventive ordinary operations
    This kind of maintenance service includes inspection operations, which consist in assessing component wear visually or through specific instruments, and maintenance operations, conducted periodically to check the equipment installed. Scheduled preventive ordinary maintenance is performed in order to ensure safety and operating conditions are maintained as well as to detect abnormal conditions. This allows to highlight the extraordinary maintenance measures necessary to restore the systems to their original functionalities, in compliance with the safety standards.
    M.H.S. draws up its maintenance plans according to studies carried out on component life, system operating capacity, environmental conditions of use and the requirements set by component manufacturers.
  • System failure maintenance (extraordinary)
    These on-call operations are aimed at fixing anomalies or faulty conditions which cannot be handled by ordinary maintenance actions.
    M.H.S. maintenance service is able to ensure quick operations on the systems installed, also thanks to specific contract option concerning the management of the spare parts. This allows to reduce the downtimes of the systems and plants.
    The maintenance service flexibility enables you to customize the intervention times and ways.