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The production M.H.S. is mainly composed of:

    Belt conveyors
    Chain conveyors
    Roller conveyors
    Modular conveyors
    Bucket and platform elevators
    Modular belt spiral conveyors
    Manipulation systems
    Pallet transport systems
    Small and large box transport systems
    Palletizing/Depalletizing systems
    Robot manipulation systems
    Packaging systems
    Special machines

From the primary packaging until the storage of goods what M.H.S. has to offer is widely used in all configurations of the end line in the following industries:   

    Energy and nuclear
    Defence and space

The plants are designed according to customer requirements and specifications. Turnkey products are made from the preliminary design proposal up to functional testing and release of the product.

The turnkey systems are developed with mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and management software.


The MHS Metering is a device designed for the transportation of individual bags and is used for optimising baggage flow along a transport fine.

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MHS conveyors are devices designed to move baggage. The conveyor belt is mainly composed of standardized off-the-shelf modules with strong steel frames.

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