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The MHS Metering is a device designed for the transportation of individual bags and is used for optimising baggage flow along a transport fine. This allows the collection stocking and measuring before being submitted for X-raying or other baggage preparation devices. A selection of accurate executive details and specific production ensures these conveyor belts surpass the safety requirements for working-teams and passengers. This MHS product with its quiet operation and where each steel pari is completely coated allows positioning in all airport environments.




Conveyors Belt Lenght 1000/3000 mm
Conveyors Belt Width 700/1500 mm
Useful width between edge
770/1570 mm
Edge height
100/500 mm
Overall width
820/1620 mm
Max Dinamic load 160 Kg/m
Speed Till a 100 m/min
Power Motor
1.1 kW
Voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Finishing Inox/Painted/According to customer needs
Temperature range
10 ÷ 50° c
Umidity Range
10 ÷ 85%
Maintenance P.B.S. (Powershot-Belt-System) Rapid system for shot belt
Maintenance Single wrench for exchange part
Maintenance Rapid system for exchange rollers
Maintenance Rapid system for exchange edges heigth