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MHS conveyors are devices designed to move baggage. The conveyor belt is mainly composed of standardized off-the-shelf modules with strong steel frames. The drive has been designed to satisfy many demands, such as maximum flexibility during installation. It may be incorporated at any point of the machine's length. Both drive unit and machine give bi-directionality to the baggoage's direction of travel. Conveyor belts are highly customizable in installation, and as such can create long transportation lines changing level and direction. A selection of accurate executive details and specific production ensures these conveyor belts surpass the safety requirements for working-teams and passengers. This MHS product with its quiet operation and where each steel part is completely coated allows positioning in all airport environments.


Conveyor Belt  


Conveyor Lenght 3000/18000 mm
Conveyor Width 700/1500 mm
Useful width between edge
770/1570 mm
Edge height
100/500 mm
Overall width
820/1620 mm
Max Static load
220 Kg/m
Max Dinamic load 160 Kg/m
Speed Fino a 160 m/min
Power Motor
1,5/2,5 kW
Voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Finishing Inox/Painted/According to customer needs
Temperature range
10 ÷ 50° c
Umidity Range
10 ÷ 85%
Maintenance P.B.S. (Powershot Belt System) Rapid System for shot belt
Maintenance Single wrench for part exchange
Maintenance Rapid system for roller exchange
Maintenance Rapid system for edge heigth changes